Lynda is a new member of Fresh Talent and says this is what she has always wanted to do. She has a particular interest in monoprint.

A new member, Denise came with a keen interest in textile arts and a sense of pattern and design which she is applying to painting and printmaking.

Brian draws from meticulous observation of the world around him. He works in pencil, ink, watercolour and a variety of printmaking media.

In a style that is all his own, Kevin creates beautiful compositions with lines and rectangles, circles and fan motifs, in a variety of media.

Sheila Minett draws constantly. Her favourite subject is landscape, and birds which often have human characteristics. Some of her best work is in watercolour.

Lesley’s characterful line drawings have led to some excellent work in printmaking especially solar etching.

Justin draws from his vivid imagination and his interest in cars, machinery and birds to create a very lively portfolio of prints and drawings.

Caroline draws with great speed and urgency to communicate her feelings and aspects of her own life, often going on to make paintings, collage and prints.

Coming from an artistic family Sonya has a natural sense of colour, and skill with collage which she is using to pursue an interest in Matisse’s work.

David loves painting and uses acrylic paint and sometimes mixed media to make abstract work with beautiful brushstrokes and increasingly richly textured surfaces.

Anne bases all her painting and printmaking work very much on her lively and vigorous drawings which reflect her interest in family history and local history, often working from old photographs.